Service Scheduling Glossary

Concepts to know when planning Scheduled Services in Podaris


The miles and hours that a vehicle travels when out of revenue service. Deadhead includes: 
•   Leaving or returning to the depot (also known as pull-out / pull-in)
•   Changing routes
•   When there is no expectation of carrying revenue passengers
Note that Podaris does not currently model depots or pull-out/pull-in times.

Layover (recovery time)

The hours scheduled at the end of the route before the departure time of the next trip. This time is scheduled for two reasons: 
•   To provide time for the vehicle operator to take a break (layover)
•   To provide time to get back on schedule before the next trip departs if the trip arrives late at the end of the route (recovery).
In Podaris, this can either be specified as a percentage of the runtime, or as a minimum and maximum value in minutes or hours.

PVR (Peak Vehicle Requirement)

The maximum number of vehicles required to operate a specific trip, service, or agency. Click here for more detail about how Podaris calculates PVR.