Capabilities & Limitations

In Podaris:Plan you can collaboratively and accurately develop:

  • An overall infrastructure network design
  • Right-of-way requirements
  • Phasing strategies and scenarios
  • Travel-time performance
  • Spatial connectivity maps
  • Key project metrics such as track length
  • Collated feedback (from Podaris:Engage) from the larger stakeholder group.
  • Service schedules, allowing you to develop timetables and uderstand fleet size and capacity.

However, there are some key limitations to be aware of:

  • Podaris is a 2D planning tool. Gradients and their performance effects are not taken into account. We plan to offer 3D capabilities in the future.
  • Curves are calculated without transitions (clothoid curves / cornu spirals). This results in right-of-way inaccuracies that are insignificant for lower-velocity systems such as PRT, but more important for high-speed rail or hyperloops. This is also being addressed in the future.