Copy Tool

The copy tool allows you to clone elements of your project's geometry.


  1. Use the select tool select to select the geometry that you wish to copy.
    You can select individual (or multiple) control points/lines, or draw around entire geometric elements.

  2. Select the copy tool copy or use the Y keyboard shortcut.

  3. Click anywhere on the map to copy the element.

  4. Move your cursor to the location that you wish to place your cloned element.

  5. Click to place the cloned element at that location.

    You can repeat step 5 to paste multiple copies on your map.

Copying elements into a new layer

1. Perform the above steps to copy the desired element and paste it into its original layer.

2. Select the layer to which you'd like to move the element from Layer within the Tool:Select panel.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy selected geometry, without needing to activate the Copy tool.