History Panel

Podaris provides powerful tools for inspecting and managing the history of the project.


Geographically constrained history

The history that is shown is the history of actions affecting the local area. If you pan the viewport to another part of the map, you will find that the history items change. This allows you to investigate/change this history of a discrete area, without affecting the project as a whole.

In addition to constraining your history search geographically, you can also constrain it to the Visible layers (default), just the Active layer, or All layers.

History Actions

Each history action shows:

  • A color bar that shows which layers were affected by this action.
  • An Eye icon that shows the color of the collaborator who performed the action.
  • A description of the action.

By hovering over the item, you can further reveal:

  • The name of the collaborator
  • The time of the action
  • A bounding box on the map, showing the approximate location of the action.

Rolling back

If you want to see what the project looked like before an action took place, simply click on the action. You will enter Rolback Preview mode, and will be shown the state of the project prior to this action. (Note: When you are in Rollback Preview mode, all other tools and actions are frozen.)

If you wish to revert the project to its rolled-back state, then click the Revert button, and a new action will be added, which enacts this reversion. (This reversion can itself be reverted, assuring that all actions are non-destructive). Note that this reversion will only be for actions that affected the local viewport; other parts of the project will remain untouched.