Network Panel

The networks panel allows you import non-editable project data such as infrastructure, routes and datasets from one project, for reference in another.

Adding a network

The add icon button allows you to import networks from existing projects into your current project. This includes all of the infrastructure, routes, datasets and tilesets from that project. While these entities will be visible in your new project, they are non-editable. Edits made to the project that you are referencing will be synchronised in your current project, however.

Using imported networks

Podaris takes into account all entities from imported networks when making calculations. Your imported network will also be exposed to isochrone and selection queries as a filter.

update query

Network panel options

Add network. Import from a list of networks within your organisation
delete network Delete network
show network Show network
hide network Hide network (the network will not be used in calculations throughout your project)
exclude from simulations Exclude from simulations