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Overview of Plugins, Integrations, and Data Interoperability

Podaris offers interoperability with a variety of data models and third party applications, through both traditional file-based methods, and via powerful workflow-enhancing plugins and integrations.

Integration and plugin support:

These enable bi-directional connectivity so that any changes to projects can be propagated in realtime to both users within Podaris, and users within the external system. Currently, we have a number of integrations and plugins for different applications such as Google Sheets. All of these make use of our public API, making it possible for anyone to create their own integrations.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to get in touch.

Support for industry-standard file formats:

In addition to powerful real-time plugins and integrations, Podaris also supports a multitude of industry-standard file formats throughout the platform - for both importing data and exporting. Below is a list of some popular formats used by our customers, but there are many more that we support and are looking to support.

Podaris is a self-service platform, and we aim to give you all the tools you need to quickly plan and analyse scenarios yourself through self-serve data import and export tools. However, if you have any specific requirements please get in touch and we can work with you and your data.

If there are any file formats that you would like to see supported, please feel free to get in touch, so that we can discuss your requirements.