User Settings

User Settings in Podaris allows you change account setings, notification preferences, access and modify projects and generate access keys.

Accessing User Settings

User Settings can be accessed at any time by clicking User Settings on the drop down menu under your username. This is accessible at all times in the top-right of Podaris.

user settings menu

What settings can be changed within the User Settings?

User Settings

  • My Profile - User name, full name and avatar. Usernames may include hyphens or underscores. Avatars can be uploaded by clicking the pencil button or from Gravatar.
  • Account settings - Change your registered email address
  • Notifications - Global notification frequency settings. These can be overridden on a per-project basis. More information on notifications can be found here.
  • My Projects - Review your projects, their creation and modification dates. You can also open, clone and delete projects from here.
  • Access Keys - Generate access keys which can be used to access the Podaris API.