Insight Credits

Frequently asked questions about credits and unlocking in Podaris:Insight

What are credits?

Credits allows you to run analyses within Podaris:Insight. They are granted once you have unlocked an Insight project.

How many credits does a run consume?

Most analysis runs consume one credit. However, some are more computationally intense and may consume more.

Does deleting a run give more credits?

No, credits are not replenished after deleting a completed run.

What else does unlocking an analysis project give me?

Once you have unlocked a project in Podaris:Insight, you are granted 15 credits. These can be used to run more analysis runs within that project.

Unlocking a project also allows you to download results (typically in a variety of formats such as GeoJSON and .CSV) and generate high-resolution screenshots of all analysis runs in that project.

How do I get more credits?

It is the responsibility of organisation owners to manage credits. If you wish to add more credits for your organisation, please contact support.

This page provides more information on managing organisational quotas.

Who can use my credits?

Any project collaborator with edit permissions can use your credits.

Do failed runs use credits?

No, only successful runs use credits. N.B. deleting a successfully completed analysis run does not restore credits.