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How do I get help? (How to contact support)

If you require support while using Podaris, a number of options are available to you.

The Knowledge Base

We firstly recommend searching our extensive knowledge base here at support.podaris.com. The knowledge base contains a number of guides, tutorials, and explanations on how key features work within Podaris.

Some of the most commonly view articles:

Live Chat

Live help

You can also access live help directly from the Podaris app by clicking the live help button which sits in the bottom right corner of your map. The live help will attempt to direct you to the most relevant knowledge base article before giving you the option to talk directly with a member of the Podaris team, who will respond to you as soon as possible.

Email Support

If you would like to email us directly with your query, you can reach our support team at support@podaris.com


At this point, we don't offer phone support readily available to all customers. However, if your subscription includes phone-based support, please consult your service agreement to find the contact number specific to your organisation.