Overview Panel

The overview panel gives a high-level overview of your project.

This includes:

  • Station Matrix button.
  • Demand button (this functionality will be enabled in future updates).
  • Active transport services button.
  • The length of visible track(s).
  • Number of visible stations (note that grouped stations are counted as a single station).
  • The average speed of each transport mode.
  • Services within your project.

This information can be collapsed with the down arrow collapse

Active Transport Services

The services button on the Overview panel overview gives you a comprehensive overview of key metrics associated with your agencies and the routes on which they operate. From this panel, you can update Calendar, Vehicle and Agency settings, as well as download this data as a .CSV file with the CSV button.

Services overview

By default, these outputs represent a weekly average. By modifying the project clock to filter specific days, you can produce values for that day only.

Total revenue time and distance are calculated according to the time and duration that a vehicle is in service, excluding any deadheading or layovers. It does however include dwell time. It is therefore the time that passengers could use the service.