Station Matrix

The Station matrix shows the station-to-station travel times, distances, and velocities.

station matrix

These are calculated based on solved geometry of the network and the velocity profile of the modes. Only the currently visible Layers are included in this calculation.

The Station matrix can be opened by clicking on the Station Matrix button in the Overview panel.

The travel-times shown in the Station Matrix can also be visualized on the map using the Isochrone tool.

The csv button allows you to download your station matrix data as a .CSV file for offline use.

The station matrix will only show travel times for stations connected with parametric infrastructure. Street-following buses and routes with manual patterns will not be included. You can use the simulation tools to generate station-to-station travel time and distance matrix skims for those.

Connected Network

If the station matrix is blank, it is because those stations are not fully connected to the network, or that no routes can be found between them. Use the Draw tool to link stations together, or station grouping to ensure that there is a path between all stations.