This layer is designed for standard city bus networks.

Bus layer

Creating a Bus Service

Bus Layer Overview

Bus layers are distinct from other transport modes in Podaris in that bus routes do not rely on your own parametrically drawn infrastructure and can instead follow existing road networks.

Bus Layer Properties

Solo, professional and enterprise users have the ability to customise further layer properties during or after project creation, including:

  • Infrastructure properties
    • Max Superevelation
    • Lane Width
  • Vehicle properties
    • Max Velocity
  • Station Properties
    • Average Dwell Time
  • Cost Properties
    • Straight one-way track
    • Curve-one way track
    • Straight two-way track
    • Curve two-way track
    • Station capex
    • Station opex/year

Layer Drive Side

If your layer's default drive side is set to project default, it will initially conform to that of the country chosen when defining your project's location. This value can be changed at any time from within the Project Settings.

It is also possible to specify either left or right drive side from the outset when adding a new transport layer, or later, when drawing 2-way track with the draw tool.

N.B. Access to drive side selection via the 'Add Transport Layer' window is only available after creating a project, by selecting "Add Transport Layers" from the Layers panel