This layer is designed for standard city bus networks.

The bus layer type is available for enterprise users only. As with all transport layer types in Podaris, you can extensively customise infrastructure, vehicle, station and cost properties, as well as your layer's default drive side.

Bus layer

Creating a Bus Service

Bus Layer Overview

Bus layers are distinct from other transport modes in Podaris in that bus routes do not rely on your own parametrically drawn infrastructure and can instead follow existing road networks.

routing types

When creating patterns for bus routes, you have the option to do so in a number of ways:

  • Auto
    • By following infrastructure that you have previously drawn outside of the pattern editor, using the draw tool. When choosing this routing type, you must use the pattern editor to connect stations that you have drawn previously in this way.
    • By following the existing street network.
  • Manual (specifying the average speed).

For a complete guide to creating scheduled services, you can follow this tutorial.