Project Settings

Project Settings allow you to modify a variety of settings such as preferred units, timezone information, privacy, project location, default mode and support preferences.

Where can I access project settings?

Project Settings can be accessed from the Project Menu from both Plan and Engage.

Project Menu

General Settings

Project Settings

This allows you to:

  • Retitle and describe your project. Your project's description will be displayed inside the Information panel in Engage mode. Project descriptions support Markdown enabling you to add links and format text.
  • Configure your preferred units:
    • Currency (this is displayed in cost modelling outputs)
    • System (metric or imperial)
    • Velocity (kph or m/s)
    • Default drive side (this can be overriden when creating a new transport layer)
  • Set timezone information:
    • Timezone
    • Time format (12/24 hour)
  • Review your Project's Privacy Settings
  • Change the location of the project by name or as comma-separated decimal degrees. N.B. This cannot be changed once geometry has been added to your project.
  • Change the default Transport Mode. This will take effect once you add a new layer in the Layer Panel (see below)


  • Enable or disable support (giving the Podaris team administrative permissions for your project)