How do I share my project?

Podaris provides a number of options for sharing and collaboration, including the ability to copy or email a project link to others.

Podaris is designed for collaboration, be that synchronised planning and analysis, or stakeholder engagement via the integrated Engage application.

The Collaborators panel allows you to add and manage project collaborators - those who you invite to work actively on projects with you. Permissions of these collaborators can be manged from the collaborators panel permission settings.

Your project itself may be set to a suitable privacy level in the project settings. These include:

  • Public
  • Link-only
  • Members (This pertains to Enterprise use - more information can be found here)
  • Private

Sending a link to a project

When a project is set to Public or Link-only, the share button will be made available on the menu bar:

menu bar

Clicking this will generate a link that may be copied and pasted, or emailed to anyone who you wish to view your project in Engage mode.

Share project