Routes and services are grouped within transport agencies, which allow you to define default attributes to inform route calculations and help you filter and group routes and services for display or analysis.

Agencies in Podaris are similar to the items within the agency.txt file within a GTFS feed and are used to define default properties for all the routes and services run by the agency.

These defaults inform route and service calculations, as well as the display of information. They can also be used to help filter and group routes for display or analysis.

Add new agency

Creating a new agency

  1. Click agency on the services panel.
  2. Click add to create a new transport agency.
  3. Define your settings. You can find out more about layovers and Podaris calculates routes and trips here.
  4. Click CREATE to save the new route.

Filtering by agency

The dropdown filter menu on the Services panel allows you to filter your routes by a variety of types, including agency.


Selecting and Updating Agency Properties

trip settings

You can select the desired agency for a route by clicking the name of that route on the services panel and then clicking the SETTINGS tab to access route settings. 

Agency details can also be updated by clicking the Agency button on the Trips tab of a selected route.

Services overview

The services button on the Overview panel overview gives you a comprehensive overview of key metrics associated with your agencies and the routes on which they operate. From this panel, you can update Calendar, Vehicle and Agency settings, as well as download this data as a .CSV file with the CSV button.

services overview

In order to understand how agencies function within service scheduling, you can follow the tutorial on creating scheduled services.