Podaris:Plan Tools, Functions & Shortcuts Overview

The toolbar is located on the left of the screen in Plan Mode and features a number of tools for creating and analysing projects.

 Those tools and their respective keyboard shortcuts are:

Tool Shortcuts

Tool Key Function
select Select 1 Selects and modifies objects
copy Copy Y Copies and pastes selected objects
rotate Rotate R Rotates selected objects
station Station S Creates station or access points
draw Draw D Creates control points and lines
erase Erase X Erases objects
services Services K Opens the scheduled services tool
isochrone Isochrone I Caclulates travel times from any location
comments Comment C Comments within a view
measure Measure M Measures the distance between points
zoom Zoom 9 Zooms into a selected area
Streetview Streetview N Allows you to click a point on the map to display in Google Streetview mode
Text Chat   Opens a text chat window for chatting with collaborators

Tool Specific Shortcuts

These shortcuts allow you to perform various operations once a tool is selected.

Tool Key Function
draw Draw 1 Switch to 1 way track
  2 Switch to 2 way track

When a tool is selected, options for that tool will be displayed in the Tool Properties Panel, which by default is docked at the top of the sidebar.

A common property of all tools is that pressing ESC will cancel the current tool action if one is in progress (for example, doing a measurement or drawing a line), while pressing ESC will exit the tool and return to the Select Tool.