Podaris:Insight Overview

Rapidly analyse transport networks with a variety of simplified tools for accessibility and travel time analysis.

What is accessibility analysis?

Accessibility analysis is the process of assessing how easy it is for people to reach their desired destinations using different modes of transportation. It is a key tool for planners to ensure that transportation systems are inclusive and equitable, and that everyone has the opportunity to access the opportunities and services that they need.

Accessibility analysis can be used to assess the accessibility of different groups of people, such as people with disabilities, low-income households, and seniors. It can also be used to assess the accessibility of different types of destinations, such as jobs, schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres.

What are the benefits of accessibility analysis?

  • It can help planners to identify areas where there are gaps in accessibility, and to develop strategies to improve accessibility for all groups of people.
  • It can help planners to evaluate the impact of proposed transportation projects on accessibility, and to ensure that projects are designed in a way that maximises accessibility.
  • It can help planners to make informed decisions about how to allocate transportation resources.

Introducing Podaris:Insight

Podaris:Insight is a toolkit for simplifying a number of types of accessibility analysis. 

Accessibility Index

Quantify the accessibility score for a set of locations to selected destinations by a chosen mode


Compare the difference in accessibility between two networks through isochrones


Isochrones are areas that can be reached from a given point within a given time.

Mobility Energy Productivity

Mobility Energy Productivity (MEP) is a measure of how efficiently connected a place is

Multi-criteria Analysis Index

Create a custom method to quantify the accessibility score for a set of locations using multiple factors by a chosen mode


Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) is a measure of the accessibility of public transport from a given location

Site Selection

Locate the areas that are accessible from a number of different starting points within a given time.

Stop catchment
Isochrone map highlighting regions reachable within a set travel time from network stations.
Measure and compare the public transport service level by frequency for zones.
Identify which sections of the network have the highest volumes of vehicles.

Creating a new Podaris:Insight project

New Insight project

1. New Podaris:Insight projects can be created by clicking the new button button on the homepage of your Podaris instance (e.g. myorg.podaris.com).

2. From here you will have the option to create either a Podaris:Plan project or Podaris:Insight project. Select Insight.

3. From here, set your insight project visibility settings, license type, whether the insight project can be cloned, a starting location and a title for your insight project

4. You can now create a new analysis by clicking create analysis. This will allow you to select one of the analysis types described above.

All analyses associated with this insight project will be listed here:

Analysis project

You can easily add, remove or duplicate analyses here.

Podaris:Insight projects can be distinguished on your homepage project menu with this icon:

Podaris:Insight icon

The individual analysis type links, above, describe each analysis type and how to use them.

Unlocks and Credits

By default, new Podaris:Insight projects will be locked. This means that without unlocking, you will be unable to export results or generate high resolution imagery from your analyses.

Unlocking a project (which counts towards your organisation's unlock quota) grants you 15 credits, which can be used to run analysis runs within your project.

For more information on locks and credits, please view the Insight Credits page.

As we develop further analysis types for inclusion in Podaris:Insight, we invite your suggestions. You can contact us directly at support@podaris.com or submit a suggestion through the online form here.